Mobile Welding Services

When you need welding and fabricating work done on the job site, Dark Arc has the qualified staff, full range of equipment and years of experience to get your job done right. Let us go to work for you!

Dark Arc staff can perform many different types of welding, fabrication and related work, including:

  • Stick Welding
  • Portable Wire Feed Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • Oxy Cutting
  • Air Arc Gouging

All of our welders are tested to CWB standards and certified for SMAW (All Position) and FCAW (All Position) work.

We are also able to do pressure pipe welding on both carbon steel and stainless steel.

Shop Fabrication Services

Dark Arc has a 6000 square foot fabrication facility as well as a 5 acre yard, allowing plenty of space for fabricating projects of all sizes.

Our extensive and well-equipped shop is able to do structural and pressure fabrication serving many industries including Oil and Gas, Mining, Logging, Construction, Transportation, Residential and Agricultural. If you have a project in mind, chances are that we can make it happen.

Along with our full range of industry standard equipment for regular fabrication jobs, we also have specialty equipment like our CNC Plasma Table that improves our efficiency and productivity, as well as increasing the types of projects that we can take on.

When it comes to our fabrication services, Dark Arc prides ourselves on client satisfaction, cost efficiency, quality and timely completion. We will take advantage of every opportunity to provide the best possible service and end product for all of our clients.

Photo Gallery

Below you'll find a gallery of various photos for some of our past projects, our 6000 sq. ft. shop, and our fleet of trucks. Click on the thumbnail images to view a larger version of each photo.